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Creating Unique, Tasteful Food Souvenirs From Singapore

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Use of Premium French Butter

Butter is one of the most important ingredient that gives the richness, tenderness and structure to pastries, cake and cookies. At Vanda Patisserie, we only use premium French butter in our bakes.


Renowned for its rich pastures and quality of milk, the butter we use is made in the crème de la crème of dairy-producing regions in France. What makes the butter that we use even better than other brands is the addition of lactic ferments in the butter.

French Baking Techniques

The secret to making great pastries lies in having patience, time, know-how, knowledge of ingredients and creativity. Using French baking techniques, our bakes are made with love, some of which requiring up to 3 days to complete. On the first day, the dough is kneaded using premium ingredients with precise measurement at specific temperature.

Kneading Bread Dough

The second day is where the magic happens. To create layers and puffiness in puff pastries, the dough undergoes multiple turns which consist of rolling, lengthening and folding of the dough several times in accordance with industry techniques and observing strict resting periods with reach turn.

Upon achieving the required number of turns and sufficient resting with each turn, the dough is shaped and individually handcarved with intricate patterns.


The result? Puff pastries comprising of thousand layers of flaky, buttery sheets that melts in your mouth with each bite.

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Harmonious Blend of Ingredients From Singapore and Around the World To Create Our Own Unique Flavour

Using only the best and nothing less, we use fresh, premium ingredients sourced locally and from around the world to create our bakes.

From the finest Belgian Chocolate crafted in one of Belgium’s oldest cocoa roasteries to Matcha from Uji, Japan's Kyoto Prefecture which is the pinnacle of Matcha green tea, our bakes are a harmonious infusion of premium ingredients sourced worldwide.

Taste the world of difference.

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